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Pastor's Letter - February 11, 2018

By Leroy McCreary
First Quarter Business Meeting - Please hold Sunday, February 25 for our business meeting that will follow morning worship.


First Quarter Business Meeting

Please hold Sunday, February 25 for our business meeting that will follow morning worship.


Black History Presentations - Month of February at 10:00am

During the month of February, the Library Committee provides presentations that address the history of African Americans. These presentations have proven to be of great interest to us and they are scheduled to be held each Sunday morning at the Education Forum. They are free and open to all. You are invited to attend these sessions.


Demolition of the church's property at 645 North Rocky River Drive

The church's house next door has been razed to create space for much needed additional parking spaces. This is the first phase. We will be creating a marker to inform members and others that we cannot park vehicles in this new space until the church has fully established its new parking lot that the city of Berea has approved.


Ash Wednesday Services This Wednesday at 7:00pm

Our service will be held here at the church at 7:00pm. This service is a wonderful opportunity for you to assess how you are doing with your spiritual life and to seek to grow even more spiritual in your private devotions, service to others for our Lord, tolerance to practice a forgiving spirit, and agape love for God's people. As you know from attending past Ash Wednesday services, we do not put ashes on the foreheads of attendees. Our reason is to encourage you to focus inwardly on your spiritual growth and not to even hint that outward symbols (the imposition of ashes) are ways to do that. This statement is not meant to question those that use ashes. Without question, many find the ashes helpful and desirable. Notwithstanding this difference, I am certain you will find this service without the use of ashes just as meaningful, if not more so. Please see a list of additional services planned for Lent below. Also, plan to join us.


Church 45th Anniversary

On March 28, the third Sunday, People's Community Church will celebrate its 45th anniversary during morning worship services

You will hear a reading of the highlights of our church history.


Dear Praying Partners,


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayerful support in the past few days!


Gary's immigration request documents have been accepted by the immigration officer yesterday and we were able to submit the additional requested documentation today. We are SO THANKFUL to the Lord for His favor as we have been dealing with this issue. 


Would you mind PRAYING for the Prefect (head government officer here) and his secretaries so that they will sign the request without further undue delay? The outcome would be that Gary would obtain a residency permit and would be able to look for work.


Meanwhile, we have also been able, in spite of a dead house rental market, to find a small apartment that will fit our needs and that is well located. It will allow a little more flexibility between our family's life and my father's, and provide my father with more needed quietness. I will keep my office at my father's and we will continue to share meals. We are thus very THANKFUL for this very unexpected answer to prayer!


The upcoming weeks are going to be fairly heavy for me as there are a lot of projects going on in my work with FATEAC and BGU. Could you please PRAY for renewed strength, wisdom and humility in the various relationships that I need to nurture?


May we all focus on HIM, whose joy is our strength!


With peace and patience in Him,



Upcoming Dates for Special Worship Services:

  • Ash Wednesday – February 14 at 7:00pm here at the church
  • Church's 45th Anniversary, March 18, 2018
  • Maundy Thursday – Thursday, March 29 at 7:00pm here at the church
  • Good Friday – Friday, March 30 at noon Good Friday walk at Ohio Guidestone and here at the church at 7:00pm
  • Easter Program – Saturday, March 31 at 7:00pm here at the church
  • Easter Sunday – April, Sunday School at 9:00, Christian Education Forum at 10J0, and worship at 10:30am



Requesting Prayers and Using Prayer Cards

Please remember when you make a prayer request to obtain a prayer card from an usher or from the rear of the pew chair. We need you to complete all sections of the prayer card. It is important that you estimate the time period you are requesting the church family to pray for your request. If your estimate of time changes, you are encouraged to update your request by completing another prayer card and giving it to an usher. Also, remember we use short and long-term prayer lists to maintain all prayer requests. The long-term prayer list in on the ushers' table. Please help us to better manage the number of prayer requests and the space requirements in the pastor's letter.


Also, you can download and use the PCC APP to submit your prayer requests. If you have questions about the PCC App, please contact a deacon or trustee for assistance.


Contact Updates: please use the space below to update your phone number, e-mail, or other contact information. Please give this information to an usher.


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