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Pastor's Letter May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day

Today we express our love for all of our mothers. It's been our practice over the years to express our love with a small gift. Today, we will do the same as well as express our sincere gratitude for their service and care for our ministry.



As many of you know, yesterday we remembered and shared with one another how Sister Deborah Priest touched our lives. Each of us had our own story weather we spoke it to others who knew her; spoke about her life during the time for remarks in the service, or just remembered her in our own personal thoughts. Each one of us had our personal memories of her as a member in our church family. We will deeply miss her, but we thank God for allowing her to be with us for the time she was



We extend our deepest sympathy to Sister Lisa Tiller, former member of PCC and daughter of Sister Erma Albergottie. Sister Tiller's husband lost his brother. We remember them in our prayers during their bereavement.



Good morning ICCC members, this is just a reminder that the ICCC Regional Meeting will be held at People's Community Church in Detroit on May 19, 2018. The address is 8601 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI. 48202.  An exciting program is being planned and we are looking forward to the fellowship. Our new Council Minister/CEO Phil Tom will be in attendance. This will be a great time to get to meet him. Our Council President Bill Samuels also plans to attend. The breakfast meet and greet will start about 8:30. Lunch will be around noon and the business meeting will start at 1:00. We hope to be finished with the business of the day by 2:00 so that you can return to your respective communities to prepare for Sunday Services. Your $10 registration fee will cover the cost of breakfast and lunch. You will receive an agenda in a future mailing. We look forward to seeing you on the 19th. Please pass the word. May the Lord continue to bless you and your families.  Janet Burch, Regional Trustee


Business Meeting

Our next quarterly business meeting is being moved to June 3, 2018 following worship. We realize this is the first Sunday when we have communion, but of the Sundays in June, that date works best in light of all of the activities happening at the church and with families. I hope you can attend. Also, as a result of this change, starting today we will include in our morning announcements updates from the pulpit committee.


Feed-The-Kids 2018 Summer Lunch Program

The program starts June 4 and ends August 17, 2018. There will be two locations: PCC and St. Mary's School (New location). The serving time is noon to 1:00pm. In preparation for the program, an orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15th at 7:00pm here at the church in the fellowship hall. Sisters Carolyn Wilson and Rubye Neely will handle our week which is July 2. No lunches are provided on the Fourth of July. Our kitchen will again be used for meal preparation and refrigeration. The groups that use our kitchen have been instructed to clean up after each lunch period. If you would like to participate or learn more about this wonderful service to our kids and the community, please contact the church office.


Graduations 2018

Please notify the office as soon as possible of any students graduating from high school, colleges and universities, and other institutions of higher learning. You can call the office at 440-234-0609.


Security Cameras Installed

To further our efforts and concerns for your safety, we have installed in strategic locations cameras. The location of these cameras will not impact our Sunday gatherings for worship. We thank you for your understanding and support for these precautions.


North End Foundation Sumer Programs

Berea Youth Works provides summer work opportunities for Berea youth. One of the goals of the program is to assure interested youth have something meaningful to do each summer. The program targets in school youth ages 16 through 26 and started April 16. Please encourage and direct youth to contact us at 440-243-2988.


North End Foundation Programs for 2018—

  • BYW—Begins April 16
  • Rib Cook off—May 25-May 28
  • Feed the Kids—Begins June 4
  • Science Camp—June 18- June 22 (grades 1-5) (NOTE DATE CHANGE)
  • Pizza Fest—June 22-June 24
  • Movie Night (CommUnity Night)—July 27
  • Family Fishing Event—August 4
  • Pig Roast/Cookout—August 5 (NOTE DATE CHANGE)
  • Family Reading Night – Thursday Nights 6:30-7:30 in the church fellowship hall
    • May 10th, May 17th -- June 14th, June 28th --July 12th, July 26th

(Fun activities, refreshments and a free book for students in grades K,1,2, 3, 4. Kids must be accompanied by an adult family member, space limited to the first 25 students for each session. Parents may register for any or all sessions). 440-243-2988 or


The Pizza Fest – June 22, 23- 24, 2018 will consist of a walk and run that will occur at the Berea Fair Grounds. Please hold this date and we will provide you with more information.


Berea Uptown 7th Annual Community Pig Roast/Cookout – August 5, 2018 Noon to 3:pm

In the very near future tickets will be made available following worship in the fellowship hall. Tickets are $25 per person and proceeds benefit the Berea Youth Workers. Please note I will need you to again bring plenty of desserts as you have done in past years to make this event exceptional! Thanks for your strong support for our youth in this community.

Also, please consider being a sponsor for this event. Please contact us at 440-243-2988 for information about sponsorships.


This year's event will include a special memory of Deacon Al Albergottie and others who passed this within the past twelve (12) months in our church family. I hope you will hold this date, so we can show our strong support for keeping his memory alive.


People's Community Church CommUNITY Night

CommUNITY Movie Night Snacks and a Movie 631 North Rocky River Drive Friday, July 27 at 7:00 p.m. This is a FREE event. Co -sponsored by People 's Community Church and Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Berea. (Time subject to change. Visit website for final details.)


A Summer Garden

The summer garden has been tilled, raked, fenced, and is ready for planting. Also, we've added at the rear of the garage behind the Youth Center several above ground planting areas for additional vegetables to be planted. All you have to do now is come on over and bring some plants you would like to harvest from the garden. This opportunity remains until the space has been filled in with plants.


The Dozier Scholarship Applications are ready!

Leon Dozier Scholarship Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are available on the Ushers' Table. Completed application and associated documents including school transcripts must be received by July 20, 2018.








As you may recall, in September 2017, Pastor McCreary announced that he will preach his last sermon on September 30th of this year and officially retire at the end of October 2018.  Since that time, a Pulpit Committee was assembled, and we have been faithfully meeting and prayerfully reviewing submitted pastor applications.  In keeping with our pledge of transparency, this note will share the progress of the committee's work as well as a proposed timeline of associated events.  


We had a total of 13 applicants and have narrowed them down to 3.  We are now ready to move on to the next phase of this effort and will begin interviewing candidates in May and June 2018.  The top candidates' trial sermons will take place during the months of July and August.   As members of PCC, your participation in this process is essential.  Trial sermon dates will be announced in the Pastor's Letter, please plan to attendThe membership's vote will take place shortly after the trial sermons.  More information regarding this process will be provided at a later date.


Please join us in asking for God's guidance, discernment, and wisdom as we go through this important process.  His will be done!   Thank you.


In Christ,

The PCC Pulpit Committee
Deacon Keith Jefferson, Chairperson



Bible Reading for Next Week's Lesson

May 14, through May 20, 2018

Mon:           Leviticus 26:2-6—Keeping the Sabbath Yields Good Crops.

Tue:          Acts 4:32-37—Lands and Houses Shared with All.

Wed:        Galatians 6:1-6—Bear Each Other's Burdens.

Thur:          Leviticus 26:9-13—I Will Keep My Covenant With You.

Fri:           Leviticus 25:13-17—Fairness in Buying & Selling Property.

Sat:          Leviticus 25:35-38—Helping One Another Face Difficulties.

Sun:          Leviticus 25:1-12—The Sabbatical Year & Year Of Jubilee.


"Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each one of you is to return to his family property and each to his own clan."

--Leviticus 25:10, NIV



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