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Pastor's Letter November 18, 2018

By CJ Harkness

I am excited as we stand at the precipice of this holiday season. This is a time of year that we as Christians should be focused on gratitude.

Women's Prayer Share is collecting *SHAMPOO/ CONDITIONER, FULL-SIZE. Any brand.*The last day for these donations is Sunday, December 9.* These items are not available to purchase from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank for our Food Pantry.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Greetings in the Name of our Lord!

I am excited as we stand at the precipice of this holiday season.  This is a time of year that we as Christians should be focused on gratitude.  Each of us has experienced God's Grace and our ability to face the hard times is strengthened by our ability to always find reasons to be thankful for all that He has done for us.  No matter where you find yourself in life, know that God has already placed everything into your hands that you need to succeed.  Your personal testimony brings glory to Him when it demonstrates His power to meet every challenge, especially when it looks like you should have failed.  When times get tough and your faith wains, remember all that God has brought you through and begin to thank Him in faith for all that He has in store for your future.  When you live in this confidence and contentment, you will recognize that no matter what you have in comparison to others, there is no lack in Him!

I ask that our prayer focus for this week be twofold.  First, may we always maintain a tender heart for those who have less than we do.  Whether it be at the community meal which we will host on Thursday, your engagement of those closest to you or your prayers and support for those who live in impoverished communities and nations; pray for those in need.  A group that currently close to our hearts are also those who have lost their loved ones and/or property in the devastating fires which have consumed communities in California.  As Paul exhorts us in the 12th chapter of Romans, let us have a human capacity for empathy and "mourn with those who mourn".  Let the humility of recognizing those who are distraught and in want rekindle our appreciation for all that we have and the love we share.

Remember God Loves You, Aint a Thang you can do about it!!

Your Pastor



Installation Sunday:

Reverend CJ Harkness will be Installed this afternoon at 3:30. A reception will immediate follow the service. Please join us during this special occasion.











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Church Announcements—November 18, 2018


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We have extra PCC T-Shirts. Cost is $6 per shirt.  We have the remaining sizes:

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Please see Sis. Cheryle Combs or Sis. Renita Jefferson if you are interested in purchasing.


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The Women's Prayer Share Ministry is leading a new drive for the collection of Non-Food items for the PCC Food Pantry.

The reason for this request is that these personal items are not often available for us to purchase from the The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, where we purchase food to distribute from the PCC



The items we will collect is *SHAMPOO/ CONDITIONER, FULL-SIZE. Any brand.

*The last day for these donations is Sunday, December 9.*


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Gather Together—Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Please join us for a FREE Thanksgiving meal. Call 440-234-0609 to reserve your seat and time.

Thursday Nov. 22. Serving from 11am – 1pm

People's Community Church—631 N. Rocky River Dr. Organized by Daune Jaynes

Sponsored by THE BEREA CITY CLUB and PCC!


Interested in volunteering, delivering to shut-ins, or donating desserts? We would love for you to join us! A sign-up sheet will be on the ushers' table the first Sunday of November.


All are welcome to join us to eat the Thanksgiving Dinner along with others. Please call to reserve your seat and time. 440-234-0609


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Bible Reading for Next Week's Lesson

November 19, through November 25, 2018


Mon:   Genesis 29:15-30—Jacob Marries Leah & Rachel.

Tue:  Genesis 29:31-35—Leah Gives Birth to Four Sons

Wed:  Psalm 20—The God of Jacob Brings Victory.

Thurs. Genesis 31:1-9—Jacob Steals His Family From Laban.

Fri:     Genesis 31:43-50—Jacob & Laban Make Peace.

Sat:    Genesis 30:22-24; 35:1-20—Rachel Gives Birth to Two Sons.

Sun:    Genesis 30:22-32, 43—Jacob Prospers at Laban's Expense.


Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive.


--Genesis 30:22, NIV


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