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During this Lenten season, I am seeking God's presence and the discipline to dwell in it without diversion. I have times when I am so exhausted from the trials of life that I find it hard to carry out even the simplest of tasks that God has set before me. Too often I have "slept" on my daily communion with the Lord in the weakness of my flesh. I am therefore committing myself in these coming weeks to the disciple of prayer and fasting that I may seek His face and avoid temptation. If you have found yourself also, at times, spiritually sleeping on the job, I ask that you join faith with me in "Watching and Praying" that we might accomplish what the Lord has set before us.
God is great and greatly to be praised. As we move towards the Lenten season, I encourage each of you to take time each day to thank God for all of his greatness. This week, in particular, I ask that we each concentrate on the greatness that He has displayed throughout his creation. When I see the mountains, valleys the oceans and even the stars at night, I am overwhelmed and in awe of God's greatness. If God can make all of this out of nothing, He is surely able to supply my every need.

I also look forward to seeing all PCC members this Wednesday night at 7:00 pm for our Ash Wednesday service.
My most recent life experience has renewed my faith and reminded me that God is sovereign and all powerful. There is nothing that he cannot do and all things are subject to His time and His will.
As the old song says, if the Lord never does anything else for me, He's done enough!
This week I thank God for His sustaining power which keeps us through the trials of life.
If you happen to be experiencing the storms of life remember this. Our Lord still has the power to calm the storm or calm you so that you can endure the storm!
As we are experiencing weather and life that have a constant range of highs and lows, I am reminded of the peace and strength that comes from serving a God who is unchanging. From day to day you may not know whether you will need heat or air conditioning. Some moments bring you to tears on the heels of great joy. One thing is for sure. Our Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever. I ask that you agree with me in faith that no matter what life brings, we will trust in the Lord!
This week we continue to pray for those who are affected by the record-setting government shutdown. It is not lost on me as we go into the season in which we culturally celebrate the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that his legacy calls us to speak up for the oppressed.

I Love you, aint a thang you can do about it!
We are beyond blessed to have the opportunity to see another week and should all take the time to stop and give thanks and praise to Christ for his unfailing love toward us in both the best and worst of times. I want to continue to emphasize the importance that each member of our church carefully and prayerfully consider their calling and commitment to the ministry as we march further into 2019.

God Loves You, Ain't a Thang You Can Do About It!
I specifically ask that you pray for myself and all of our ministry leaders that we be constantly in tune with His direction. I also ask that each of you pray for God's guidance in what direction you should take in contributing your time, talents and treasure to People's Community Church. No matter what your title, you play a critical role in His plans.

In 2019 God will still love you and there still aint a thang you can do about it!
Now is a great time to make peace with your yesterdays and look with faith and hope to the dawning of a new year.

I Love You, Aint a Thang You can Do About It!!
In all of your going and coming to gatherings and events. In all of your planning make sure that you have the perfect gift for everyone. Be sure that you have prepared a gift for when you encounter the Master!

God Loves You! Aint A Thang You Can Do About It!

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