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FAITH - When facing the trials in your life, pause to ask yourself "What do I believe about God?". It is cliché but true to say that "if you are going to pray, don't worry; if you are going to worry, don't pray. More to come on faith in today's preaching time.
I encourage us all to take inventory of how much time we spend truly connecting with those who we hold dear and paying attention to the beauty of each fleeting moment that we have to enjoy our short time in this world. When we leave, the list of completed tasks will be much less valuable to our loved ones than the moments of true intimacy that we have shared. Finally, we should all also be intentional about the time that we spend concentrating on the presence of the living God in our lives.
Our sermon time this morning will focus on the importance of knowing that where we sow spiritually is even more important than where we sow materially. We would never deposit into a bank who did not give us the assurance that no matter when we needed it, our money would be available to us. The dividends that you will reap are distributed in a currency that is honored in this life and the next!
I challenge us to also recognize the fact that gratitude, in and of itself, has great power. Being grateful for what you have may not immediately change any situation that you face in life. It will, however, change YOU! While it may seem silly to some, I encourage you the next time you are feeling down, frustrated, lonely or even downright mad to pause and take account of the many things in life that you have to be grateful for.
Today I encourage us all to be intentional about the spaces we create for our households and generations to come. My prayer is that the legacy of faith that my grandparents left inspires many to create memories anchored in the love of Christ with their children and children's children. The value of this is summed up in the reality that even though I will never be able to taste my grandmother's homemade (completely from scratch) sweet potato pies, I will always have the presence of the same Spirit which carried her from day to day. The first mission field for evangelism should be in our homes and amongst our families.
This week our nation celebrated Independence Day the holiday which commemorates the establishment of sovereignty for the United States of America. In that instance, a declaration of freedom was made rejecting the authority of England or any other nation that would attempt to impose its will on the citizens of this land.

It is important to note the complicated entanglements of freedom and bondage, prosperity and oppression, and virtue and vice that plague our country's history. In this, we challenge ourselves to love our nation enough to challenge her to live up to her fullest potential for all who dwell in the land.
This week has been extremely busy at People's Community Church!
The North End Foundation and The Berea City Club sponsored Science Camp
The Feed The Kids summer lunch program also continued
Young people were also engaged in the hard work that is done by the Berea Youth Works program including the landscaping of our own grounds.
This in addition to all of our normal ministry activities during the week. Summer is in full swing!
We should not take for granted all of the things that God has blessed our congregation to be able to support.

This week's heavy rains and flooding have been at the forefront of my thoughts. It is so amazing to me that there can be so many things in our world that we pray desperately for when we lack but pray with the same intensity for it to stop when we have too much. How perplexing is it that you could literally die from too little or too much of the same thing.

In seasons of feast or famine, flood or drought and even extreme heat or cold, always know that God is always balanced. His perfect wisdom and holiness give us a picture of how we can keep things in balance even in a world that seems to be saturated or void of so many things. In him, we find both the patience to wait and the diligence to seek. He retains the power to destroy and the grace to restore.

Today we honor all of the men who are fathers and father figures in our church, families, and community.
This week many churches celebrate or acknowledge Pentecost. There is much to reflect on as we consider the fulfillment of Christ's promise that a "Comforter" would come after he departed from this world. Another aspect that we should consider is the diversity of people from many nations who came together and were united in the common experience of the move of the Holy Spirit (read Acts Chapter 2).

I pray that God will send a revival and that we who are believers in this fellowship and others would be united in a fresh and miraculous way for the upbuilding of His kingdom. As the elders would say when I was growing up "Lord send a revival, and let it begin with me!"

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