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In all of your going and coming to gatherings and events. In all of your planning make sure that you have the perfect gift for everyone. Be sure that you have prepared a gift for when you encounter the Master!

God Loves You! Aint A Thang You Can Do About It!
I ask that our prayer focus for the rest of this year be on seeking God's will for our lives in 2019.
Whatever your situation, let us all take the time to seek God's will so that we can make ready for all that he has in store for us in the coming year.
I would like for us to have a prayer focus this week to be on two things. First, those in several cities in the Midwest which are facing significant financial fallout over the impending closures of automotive plants.

Next, let us pray that our local, state and national leaders find the moral courage to work for justice instead of power and engage the strength of our hopes rather than the shadow of our fears.
This week's prayer focus is that we would each make time for the self-care that we all need to remain as effective in ministry as possible. I am asking that each of us pray that God would compel us to meet the needs of our total selves; mind, body and spirit. These three areas require a balance of exercise, rest, sustenance and abstinence.

I am excited as we stand at the precipice of this holiday season. This is a time of year that we as Christians should be focused on gratitude.

Women's Prayer Share is collecting *SHAMPOO/ CONDITIONER, FULL-SIZE. Any brand.*The last day for these donations is Sunday, December 9.* These items are not available to purchase from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank for our Food Pantry.

Installation of new pastor, Sunday, Nov. 18 - 3:30pm People's Community Church

Our sermon topic this week is a challenge for all of us to not be complacent in our faith walk.
Live a life for Christ which is built upon the daily small things that anchor the life of a disciple.
Let's grow together!
This week we will explore two familiar passages and wrestle with two demands that God makes of his people. How is it that we find balance between our demand for personal responsibility and our demand that those who have been blessed take responsibility for those who have not. I will argue that many a political divide is forged in disproportionate attention to one or the other. Our task is to find balance as we look each day to discern the difference between Lazarus and the lazy servant.
I would be remised if I did not begin this week by letting you all know how deeply appreciative my family and I are for the overwhelming shower of love we received last week during our fellowship meal.
This week I would like our prayer focus to be on civility, stability and peace in our nation. Political and ideological divides are causing divisions not seen in generations.
This week I encourage our prayer focus to be for God to release a revival of hope in our world but specifically in our community.

To All PCC Members and friends: Please join us for a Fellowship meal TODAY, October 21st to welcome Rev. CJ Harkness and his family. All are invited to attend. Women's Prayer Share Ministry.
I was overwhelmed at the love and affirmation that was shared with my family and I this week and wanted to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all of you! I feel welcome and am excited to continue our journey together.
Focus our prayer to those who have been affected by the second major storm to hit our shores in recent weeks.

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