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Our Church Covenant

We, the members of this church, do solemnly covenant together with God, and with one another that we will abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul; we will be kind to one another, putting away from us all bitterness, anger, wrath, clamor, and evil speaking; and we will be tenderhearted, forgiving one another even as God for Christís sake hath forgiven us.


We who are heads of families will observe the worship of God in our homes and will endeavor to lead our children or others committed to our care, to a saving knowledge and personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We will attend regularly, so far as Providence permits, the service of worship on the Lordís day and such other services as the church may appoint.  We will observe together the Lordís Supper.  We will aid as the Lord prospers us, in the support of a faithful Christian ministry among us, and in sending the saving gospel of Christ to the whole human family.


We will remember those who have the rule over us, esteeming them very highly for their workís sake.  For them we will faithfully pray, and with them we will faithfully labor as it may be our privilege.


God being our helper, this we do covenant to do.


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