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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Your Pledges

With your generous paid pledges, donations, contributions, and other monetary gifts we have finished paying off the mortgage on the property at 645 North Rocky River Drive. We accomplished this goal far in advance and saved an enormous amount in interest payments. As a result, we are no longer asking you to pay pledges made toward the property at 645 North Rocky River Drive. This accomplishment completes the final part of our long-range plan for the acquisition of property for our current ministries. We sincerely thank God for this wonderful blessing! And the people of God said, “AMEN!”




Please review the proposed agenda for the upcoming Ohio/Michigan Fellowship Meeting that will be held here at PCC. I’d be pleased if your schedule permitted you to join us for the 45-minute worship service. It’s more than two months away and maybe you can plan to worship with us that Saturday. We will have a sign-up sheet on the ushers’ table for you to indicate if you plan to stay for lunch.


Spring Meeting Agenda – May 20th 2017

Joint Ohio & Michigan ICCC Community Church Fellowships

People’s Community Church

628 Wesley Drive, Berea, Ohio

(440) 234-0609



8:45 to 9:30 AM         Fellowship hall     Registration          (refreshments, meet & greet) $10 each for lunch


9:30 to 10:15           Sanctuary               Worship Service (Reverend Leroy McCreary, presiding)


10:20 – 10:40      Fellowship hall          FOOD PANTRIES:     People’s Community Church’s Food Pantry--How it works, Who it Serves: Successes & Challenges                                           (PCC presenter & GCFB presenter)


10:45-11:00             Open discussion/ Q&A


11:00 – 11:10           Restroom break & refreshments


11:10 – 11:30           FOOD PANTRIES & HUNGER RELIEF: Successes & Challenges of Other ICCC MI & OH Churches

(Various  OH & MI food pantry/ hunger relief heads—Bob Harris, discussion moderator)

11:30 – 12:00           FOOD PANTRIES:            A New ICCC Initiative                                                                                (Bob Harris)

12:00 --12:15                  Discussion    

12:15 – 12:40                 LUNCH


12:40 – 12:50           Restroom break


12:50 – 1:0   2017 ICCC Annual Conference Highlights  

                       (Rev. Dr. Bill Samuels, President of the ICCC)


1:00—1:45       Ohio & Michigan Fellowships                                      conduct business meeting(s)

 1:45   Joint ICCC Fellowships Meeting adjourned


Behold Your God Class

Held each Wednesday at 7:00pm in the fellowship hall. Deacon Edward Napoleon will be present to teach our class.


Prayer Meeting

Prayer meeting will resume following my recovery from surgery. We will announce the new start date once we know it.


Lenten Worship Services

Maundy Thursday services is a communion service that will be conducted with candlelight in the fellowship. It will start promptly at 7:00pm. It’s an hour-long service and contains lots of Christian symbols to remind us of our Lord’s last days before going to the cross.


Good Friday Cross Walk

This service starts with a walk from the Reinberger Chapel on OhioGuidestone campus and proceeds to downtown Berea and returns to the chapel for an hour-long Good Friday worship service. It’s free and open to the public. We invite Christians to join us from our city along with their pastors. I hope you will be able to join us for one or both of the Good Friday services-this one and the one at PCC at 7:00pm that same day.


Invitation from OhioGuidestone Chaplain

“Thanks for granting OhioGuidestone the honor of once again hosting the Good Friday Ecumenical Service on April 14th.  Our youth enjoy hosting you and having you come and worship in their church.

“Please let your congregations know that they should meet for the crosswalk at 12:00 pm and the service will begin at 1:00 pm.  The chapel will be open starting at noon if anyone is either unable to walk or wants some meditation time prior to the service.


I have attached a color-coded map to help your congregation locate the chapel (See this map on the ushers’ table). The chapel is colored yellow and the closest parking is red.  The easiest way to get to the chapel is to enter from Tressel Street and to immediately turn left into the chapel parking lot.”


Good Friday Service

This service will be held in the Sanctuary and the choir will sing.


Easter Program

This is a wonderful program that reminds us of the work and accomplishments of almighty God for us, and it involves the participation of our entire church family including the youth and adults. Please get involved. There are always many invitations to the members and friends. You will hear more about this program as we move closer to Easter.


Easter Services

Resurrection Sunday! We will gather to rejoice as we remember that the Lord has risen! He is risen indeed! Sunday school at 9:00, Christian Education Forum at 10:00, and Easter worship services at 10:30am. Please plan to be here and bring a guest.



Box on Ushers’ Table for Invitations

As you continue to invite people to church, please use one of the forms on the ushers’ table, include the name of your invitee, and place the form in the box. Also, please keep in mind we are extending our invitations to people who don’t attend church. Also, we will keep your invitees lifted up in prayer.



Upcoming Dates and Events

Prayer Meeting at noon in the Youth Center resume date TBA.

Maundy Thursday Service, April 13 at 7:00pm

Good Friday Service, April 14 at 7:00pm

EEaster Program, April 15 at 7:00pm

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017, Sunday School (9:00am), Christian Education Forum, (10:00am), and Worship at 10:30am

 Holding Hands

Since we are now into flu and the common cold seasons, we request that you make good use of the hand sanitizers in your pew seats and wash your hands frequently to prevent germs. If you choose not to hold hands during our congregational prayers, we understand and respect your decision and action. We are taking these and others to prevent to the greatest extent possible the spread of germs. This change doesn’t prevent you at any time from any personal greetings you wish to make with others that welcome them. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


As we continue to unfold this new way of giving and staying connected with our church we thank you for responding to our request to use PUSHPAY. You are helping us to implement this new way for you and other members and friends/ to stay connected to our church even when they are out of the state or absent from worship.


Also, you are now able to use the church App, People’s Community Church (PCC) that is part of PUSHPAY. You can now access my written sermons on this APP. We are presently working to make the sermons audible on your smart phone.


Additionally, you can now submit prayer requests using the PCC App. Your prayer requests are confidential, come directly to the church office, and are not accessible from the website. So please start using this new App as an additional way to share your prayer requests.


Further, you can access an updated calendar of events and activities happening here at the church. Of course, there are other features of interest to you and others on the church’s new App. I hope you will use PUSHPAY so you can see the positive benefits of this new tool.


As you know, we have been informing you about Pushpay for the last 90 days. Our plan is to create a user-friendly way so members and friends can stay connected with the church. Toward that end, assuming you have a smart phone, I request you use it to send the church $1.00 or a little more (This is only a test and to make sure you know how Pushpay works). For your convenience, the steps to follow with your smart phone are listed below. Will you use PUSHPAY now? In addition, I have sent this message to you and others using e-mail addresses of members and friends. I am thanking you in advance for helping us implement this new way of connecting with our members. Should you have questions, please contact any trustee member.





·      Open your cell phone’s app store and search for the Pushpay app

·       Open and install the Pushpay app

·       Select People’s Community Church (verify by the address and logo)

·       Enter the amount of your gift and if it is a one time or recurring gift

·       Select the giving type (tithe, etc.)

·       Enter your Touch ID or pass code to confirm your give

·       Select the Give button

ONLINE – PCC Website

·       Go to the PCC website:

·       Select the Links tab

·       Select Give (Pushpay) under To Make a Donation/Tithe/Pledge

·       In Pushpay, use the Search box to search for People’s Community Church

·       Select People’s Community Church (verify by the address and logo)

·       Login to Pushpay with your cell phone (or email) and password

·       Enter the amount of your gift and if it is a one time or recurring gift

·       Select the giving type (tithe, etc.)

·       Confirm your gift


·     Text PCCBEREA to 77977 (message and data rates may apply)

·     You will receive a text reply that says:  Thank you for your generosity.  Click the link to give

·    Click on the link and it will take you to and the page for People’s Community Church

·       Download the Pushpay app

·       Enter your details:

o      Enter the amount of your gift and if it is a one time or recurring gift

o      Select the giving type (tithe, etc.)

o      Enter your full name, email address and cell phone number

o      Select the ‘next’ button

·      Enter your credit card or bank account information and give


Please keep in mind you can keep giving with checks, cash, and through your bank. This is just another way our people can now give. This additional way of giving will enable us to reach members and friends that don’t attend church on a regular basis during the summer months when they are traveling and are on vacation. Also, this new option will help us to remove all obstacles that may prevent inactive members from giving as well.


You Shop. Amazon gives back.

Visit and Select 'North End Foundation' as your charity of choice. Then shop Amazon as usual to donate .5% of your purchase to us!                                                                                                 



Requesting Prayers and Using Prayer Cards

Please remember when you make a prayer request, to obtain a prayer card from an usher or from the rear of the pew chair. We need you to complete all sections of the prayer card. It is important that you estimate the time period you are requesting the church family to pray for your request. If your estimate of time changes, you are encouraged to update your request by completing another prayer card and giving it to an usher. With your help we will be able to better manage the number of prayer requests at any given time and the space requirements in the pastor’s letter. Thanking you anticipatively!



If you are visiting with us today, I warmly and gladly welcome you. Thank you for choosing to worship with us. Please take a minute and fill out the visitor’s card and return it to one of our ushers or deposit it in the offering tray. We welcome you to come again to worship with us or to attend some of our program offerings to the community. We are indeed glad to have you, and if we can do anything to make your visit more spiritual or meaningful, please inform one of our members or me.



Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Thursdays from noon - 1:00pm

Located in the Youth House at 634 Wesley Dr.



March 20,  -  March 26, 2017


 Mon. Acts: 2:14-21—Day of the Lord at Pentecost.  

Tues.  2 Peter 3:1-10—The Final Day of the Lord.

Wed. Joel 2:1-11—The Prophesied Day of the Lord.

Thurs  Joel 2:12-17—The People Called to Repent.

Fri. Joel 2:18-27—God Restores Land & People.

 Sat.  Joel 2:28-32—I Will Pour Out My Spirit.

Sun.  Joel 3:1-3, 18-21—God Judges Nations; Proclaims Judah’s Future.

Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity.

Joel 2:13, NIV







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