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Sunday, December 3, 2017


Christmas Collections (Gift Cards)

We continue collecting Christmas gift cards. Our plan is to assist other PCC members and friends by issuing them gift cards from the donations you contribute for this special offering.

As our practice is now, a deacon will stand near the altar and receive your offerings after the ushers pass the offering trays for our church offering.


Christmas Program and Christmas Eve Services

The Christmas Program will be on Saturday, December 23 at 7:00pm. The Christmas Eve service will be held on Sunday, December 24, at 7:00pm. You are invited to share in the many opportunities to celebrate our Lord’s birth. You will hear more about the scheduled practices for the Christmas Program.


Holding Hands

Since we are now into flu and the common cold seasons, we request that you make good use of the hand sanitizers in your pew seats and wash your hands frequently to prevent germs. If you choose not to hold hands during our congregational prayers we understand and respect your decision and action. We are taking these and others to prevent to the greatest extent possible the spread of germs. This change doesn’t prevent you at any time from any personal greetings you wish to make with others that welcome them. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


Installation of officers

On Sunday January 14, the second Sunday, we will install new officers. If you are going to serve in an officer capacity this coming year, please make every effort now to be present for this service. I would like to the greatest extent possible to have the congregation and all of our officers that will be servicing in this important role in our church, join in sharing the installation service.


Box on Ushers’ Table for Invitations

As you continue to invite people to church, please use one of the forms on the ushers’ table, include the name of your invitee, and place the form in the box. Also, please keep in mind we are extending our invitations to people who don’t attend church. Also, we will keep your invitees lifted up in prayer.




Dear Praying Partners,

In this Thanksgiving season, our family and I are SO THANKFUL for each of you who is praying and interceding on our behalf.


The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

As Israel’s situation was so fragile, God was looking for intercessors who would "stand before me in the gap" (Ezekiel 22:30)
in order to save its country from the enemy's invasion.


As a family, we feel fragile in so many ways:

·        We are constantly adjusting to living in my father's house and not being really 'home' although we are very THANKFUL to have a place to stay and to be close to him.

·        We are still dealing with major administrative issues regarding Gary's status here in France due to tight immigration laws.

·        Samuel seems to have major eye-sight issues that need to be identified.

·        I (Martine) have major/many professional and family responsibilities, which means that for instance, I have very rarely an evening 'off'.

·        I am very concerned about my main employer's sustainability due to the lack of student enrolment and payments. Several systems have been put in place, but it will still take a few months to pay off - and we need your prayers to bring in the students that are sent by the Lord!

But THANKS TO YOUR PRAYERS and to the LORD'S DAILY GRACE, we are THANKFUL that the Lord carried us so far:

·        We do have a caring church who looks after us and where we can ask practical questions when needed.

·        My father seems so much at peace having us around and enjoys Samuel's energy (- most of the time!)

·        We have income that allows our family's subsistence

·        I have work that I enjoy thoroughly - serving and helping to better equip students all around the world for God's mission

So, THANKFUL for His promise:

 "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." (John 14: 18)


With thankful hearts 



As we continue to unfold this new way of giving and staying connected with our church we thank you for responding to our request to use PUSHPAY. You are helping us to implement this new way for you and other members and friends/ to stay connected to our church even when they are out of the state or absent from worship.


Also, you are now able to use the church App, People’s Community Church (PCC) that is part of PUSHPAY. You can now access my written sermons on this APP. We are presently working to make the sermons audible on your smart phone.


Additionally, you can now submit prayer requests using the PCC App. Your prayer requests are confidential, come directly to the church office, and are not accessible from the website. So please start using this new App as an additional way to share your prayer requests.


Further, you can access an updated calendar of events and activities happening here at the church. Of course, there are other features of interest to you and others on the church’s new App. I hope you will use PUSHPAY so you can see the positive benefits of this new tool.


As you know, we have been informing you about Pushpay for the last 90 days. Our plan is to create a user-friendly way so members and friends can stay connected with the church. Toward that end, assuming you have a smart phone, I request you use it to send the church $1.00 or a little more (This is only a test and to make sure you know how Pushpay works). For your convenience, the steps to follow with your smart phone are listed below. Will you use PUSHPAY now? In addition, I have sent this message to you and others using e-mail addresses of members and friends. I am thanking you in advance for helping us implement this new way of connecting with our members. Should you have questions, please contact any trustee member.





·      Open your cell phone’s app store and search for the Pushpay app

·       Open and install the Pushpay app

·       Select People’s Community Church (verify by the address and logo)

·       Enter the amount of your gift and if it is a one time or recurring gift

·       Select the giving type (tithe, etc.)

·       Enter your Touch ID or pass code to confirm your give

·       Select the Give button

ONLINE – PCC Website

·       Go to the PCC website:

·       Select the Links tab

·       Select Give (Pushpay) under To Make a Donation/Tithe/Pledge

·       In Pushpay, use the Search box to search for People’s Community Church

·       Select People’s Community Church (verify by the address and logo)

·       Login to Pushpay with your cell phone (or email) and password

·       Enter the amount of your gift and if it is a one time or recurring gift

·       Select the giving type (tithe, etc.)

·       Confirm your gift


·     Text PCCBEREA to 77977 (message and data rates may apply)

·     You will receive a text reply that says:  Thank you for your generosity.  Click the link to give

·    Click on the link and it will take you to and the page for People’s Community Church

·       Download the Pushpay app

·       Enter your details:

o      Enter the amount of your gift and if it is a one time or recurring gift

o      Select the giving type (tithe, etc.)

o      Enter your full name, email address and cell phone number

o      Select the ‘next’ button

·      Enter your credit card or bank account information and give


Please keep in mind you can keep giving with checks, cash, and through your bank. This is just another way our people can now give. This additional way of giving will enable us to reach members and friends that don’t attend church on a regular basis during the summer months when they are traveling and are on vacation. Also, this new option will help us to remove all obstacles that may prevent inactive members from giving as well.


You Shop. Amazon gives back.

Visit and Select 'North End Foundation' as your charity of choice. Then shop Amazon as usual to donate .5% of your purchase to us!                                                                                                 



Requesting Prayers and Using Prayer Cards

Please remember when you make a prayer request, to obtain a prayer card from an usher or from the rear of the pew chair. We need you to complete all sections of the prayer card. It is important that you estimate the time period you are requesting the church family to pray for your request. If your estimate of time changes, you are encouraged to update your request by completing another prayer card and giving it to an usher. With your help we will be able to better manage the number of prayer requests at any given time and the space requirements in the pastor’s letter. Thanking you anticipatively!



If you are visiting with us today, I warmly and gladly welcome you. Thank you for choosing to worship with us. Please take a minute and fill out the visitor’s card and return it to one of our ushers or deposit it in the offering tray. We welcome you to come again to worship with us or to attend some of our program offerings to the community. We are indeed glad to have you, and if we can do anything to make your visit more spiritual or meaningful, please inform one of our members or me.



Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Thursdays from noon - 1:00pm

Located in the Youth House at 634 Wesley Dr.



December 4  -  December 10, 2017


 Mon. Deuteronomy 31:14-23; 34:9—Joshua Is Discerned as the New Leader.  

Tues. 1 Samuel 3:1-9—Eli Senses God’s Call to Samuel.

Wed.  1 John 4:1-6—Test the Spirits.

ThursJohn 9:13-17—A Blind Man Discerns Jesus as a Prophet.

Fri. Romans 1:8-17—Paul’s Strategy: Jews First, then Greeks.

 Sat.  Acts 14:21-28—A Door of Faith Opened to Gentiles.

Sun.  Acts 13:1-12—Spirit-filled Leadership Discernment.

While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

Acts 13:2, NIV







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